Business Opportunities

Central / State Fund (Central Nodal Agency, Centrally Sponsored Scheme, State Sponsored Scheme), Tax Collection, Tax Payment and many other similar pattern. Normally agreements with government departments are for 5-10 years. The accounts being opened are Current and Saving Account as per government mandate.

Bank’s Role: Bank’s system will be integrated with the e-governance product and PFMS for seamless transactions execution and status updating back into the product. PRM Software Solution Pvt Ltd will offer entire services related to Product i.e. Annual maintenance of software, Manpower for development, updation, other related work etc, and cloud hosting etc. Initially we will be empanelled with Banking for providing the services along with understanding about multiple aspects related to and excluding any commercial charges. Our charges commences at actual services agreement and deployment.


We develop software product basis of government department specifics and customized to their needs.

Presently we are empanelled with 5/6 scheduled banks (Public and Private Sector) since last 3 years. Normally the agreement with government department for any scheme is 5-10 years.

To conclude on matter, we are partner to Bank and Government Department in their initiative for Digital Banking and E-governance. During these years we have understood the need of government department about day-today operations and our demonstration about product has always been commended by across all users.

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